Living areas


The vast Main Pavilion hosts a variety of living areas to suit various moods and requirements. Starting with the impressive Reception Room which can be used to greet dinner guests with a cocktail and a magnificent view in a formal setting, this large room on the second floor is adaptable for a variety of social uses, including events.

For quieter moments, the well-stocked library beside it provides ample space for solitude and reflection, while one floor below, the large living room located adjacent to the pool is simply perfect for watching movies, interacting with friends adjacent to the pool, or simply lounging about.

There is a formal dining room inside the pavilion and also a more relaxed outdoor eating area by the pool in the Northern Sala (a ‘sala’ is a Thai name for a roofed structure without walls), while the Southern Sala, near the other end of the deck, provides yet more comfy sofas for reading, relaxing, and watching the sun sink daily into the turquoise sea.

Every room in the estate has a view of the sea through floor-to-ceiling windows. All the rooms either feature balconies or open onto the pool area – such as the living and dining rooms. Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas was a stipulation for the architectural design. It is difficult to know where one finishes and the other begins.

There has been a commitment to provide guests with their choice of natural ventilation (bedrooms feature screen doors as part of their configuration), and ceiling fans in every room in the house, or the option of using the strong but quiet remote-controlled ducted air-conditioning remains at a guest’s pleasure and can be varied on a whim. The quality of workmanship and imported fittings at the villa ensures all the large glass doors slide easily, and remote controlled blinds can be shut at the convenience of a button-click.

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