Waterfall & reef


One of the most unique aspects of this property is the way that refined luxury exists seamlessly with the natural environs. It was a specification of the build that one needs not be at the expense of the other.

For this reason, the existing terrain has been left unfettered as much as possible. The green hills and terraced lawns provide a lush contrast to aquamarine view. Bordering the property on one side is a waterfall which flows from the mountainside down to the sea. It changes from a small stream to a gushing torrent depending on the season, and can be accessed by a short walk along a path from the Main Pavilion.

Few Villas can boast their own walk-in reef, yet The Aquila can. A choice of tracks will lead you from the Main Pavilion down the rocky headland to the ocean below. From here you can choose to visually explore one of the natural crystal clear rock-pools, or the more adventurous can swim to explore the stunning cove.

About 20 metres offshore, but with elements starting within 5 m of the shore, is a naturally occurring pristine reef which can be accessed at your leisure. The occasional traditional long-tail dive boat will stop to access what is on the villa’s doorstep, using a mooring to anchor in the middle of the reef.